CARBON FIBER SKIN KIT (Usually ships within 2-6 Weeks)

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Parts include:

(Not included but shown is the fuelselage frame work)

Products usually ship within 2-6 weeks depending on Full or Half Skin kit and avialability of materials.

  • Spinner
  • Spinner rear bulkhead
  • Upper cowling
  • Lower cowling flanged to accept upper cowl half
  • Carburetor air Intake
  • Race inspired wheel pants
  • Lower fuselage skin flanged for mating to turtle deck
  • Plexiglass canopy
  • Canopy surround flanged to accept kit canopy
  • Turtle deck
  • Firewall template
  • Laminated carbon sheet from which to cut bulkheads for your installation

This kit will require additional work to install on your specific airframe, such as:
Canopy requires final trimming to mate to flanged turtle deck
Canopy frame hinges and latches must be built/installed per customer preference.
Bulkheads must be custom cut and fit to your tube fuselage for mating the fuselage skins.
Front flange on lower skin and canopy surround may require trimming to fit the firewall on your specific airframe.

Wing, horizontal, vertical fin and landing gear pass through openings will require custom cutting/clearance for your application as will engine cooling air inlet and exhaust openings.
Cowling mounting system will require installation per customer preference.
Surface finish is excellent out of the molds however, light finish work should be expected prior to final

All carbon components are raw parts. The epoxies used do not have any UV protectant in it. All parts must be stored out of direct UV rays. Customers must add some type of coating of your choice to protect your parts from the harmful UV rays. High quality epoxy automotive primers with UV protectant in it is highly recommended.

Bring your Cassutt into the 21st century with our carbon fiber skin kit. Make your plane smoother, sexier and more aerodynamically efficient. Complete race or sport ready custom design is engineered to accommodate your plans compliant steel tube airframe including standard roll over structure and fuel tank installation.

Please contact us for shipping on Skin Kits

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