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Superior aerodynamic shaping incorporates optimized pressure distribution. The 12 inch diameter spinner is followed by beautifully expanding curves accommodating nearly any type of exhaust, cooling system or intake setup. Carbon fiber construction results in optimal strength to weight. Reinforced sides allow for attachment hardware to be countersunk for drag reduction. Length from firewall to prop flange is 36 inches. Flanges mating the upper and lower halves can be added at the factory or you may choose to add them yourself. Due to the multitude of possibilities, all inlets and outlets are left to be installed by the customer. If you choose to run 4 into 1 exhaust you will need to create a custom exit tunnel to fit your particular system.

  • Weight per set 12 pounds
  • Packing weight 2 pounds
  • Box 36w x 36L x 24h
  • weight 7 pounds.
  • Usually Ships within 4-6 days depending on availability of materials

All carbon components are raw parts. The epoxies used do not have any UV protectant in it. All parts must be stored out of direct UV rays. Customers must add some type of coating of your choice to protect your parts from the harmful UV rays. High quality epoxy automotive primers with UV protectant in it is highly recommended.

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