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Carbon fiber built oil cooler diffusers. Allows the air to enter the diffuser and slow down enough to allow the air to absorb more heat from the cooler lowering your oil temps. Fits (standard Stewart warner) oil coolers. Can be used in conjunction with 2 inch scat tubing. It bolts to the oil cooler directly and can be completely sealed with high temp rtv. Diffusers can be used as an inlet only or working together as a inlet on one side directing the cool air to the cooler and an outlet on the other side to directing heat soaked air to your desired exit location. Each cooler has been post cured to a temperature of 200 degrees to ensure the life and longevity of your part. If a hose clamp is used it is suggested to not over tighten the clamp as the cooler neck may become damaged.

All carbon components are raw parts. The epoxies used do not have any UV protectant in it. All parts must be stored out of direct UV rays. Customers must add some type of coating of your choice to protect your parts from the harmful UV rays. High quality epoxy automotive primers with UV protectant in it is highly recommended.

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